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At Connect Psychological Services, we do not bill insurance companies for our services. We can provide necessary documentation for you to submit to your own insurance for any potential reimbursement for utilizing an out-of-network provider. We work directly with clients to create goals together, rather than communicating with insurance companies about diagnoses, treatment plans and length of therapy. We are happy to answer any questions about private pay services. Credit and debit cards, Health Savings Account and Medical Flex accounts, cash and checks are accepted. Fees vary based on clinician’s level of education and experience.  Reduced fees are available either by direct arrangement with the therapist, or by meeting with a graduate therapist intern (when available).  

  • Initial Session (60 minutes):  $145 - $180
  • Individual, Couples or Family Therapy (45-50 minutes): $125 - $155​​
  • Group Therapy: $45 - $65​
  • Evaluations (per 60 minutes): $180